We offer a wide range of services:

Heat-treating services in vacuum furnaces:

  • quenching
  • tempering
  • annealing
  • solution treatment and aging
  • vacuum soldering
Heat-and-chemical-treating services:

  • vacuum carburizing – FINECARB®
  • high-temperature vacuum carburizing with prior nitriding – PreNitLPC®
  • gas nitro-sulphuring
  • conventional and under-pressure nitriding

Other specialist technologies are available by individual orders.

Our company implements a project within the frames of a pilot venture of The National Centre for Research and Development “DEMONSTRATOR + Supporting scientific research and development works in demonstration scale” titled “Multipurpose, smart modular centre for vacuum heat and surface treatment with High-Tech technologies” contract number: UOD-DEM-1-193/001.