We are a cutting-edge company operating in the area of advanced heat-treating and heat-and-chemical-treating technologies. Our equipment allows us to carry out processes according to the latest technologies, both conventional and vacuum – and we offer: quenching, carburizing, nitriding, nitro-sulphuring, tempering of steel, solution treatment and aging, annealing of steel and vacuum soldering. We also provide services connected with producing indurated outer surfaces on machine parts and tools utilising innovative material and technological solutions.

The technologies that we utilise has been developed at the Technical University of Lodz with the participation of our scientists. Our company consists of experienced engineers and sales force. Thanks to extraordinary people who are passionate and creative, the activities of our company are aimed at being innovative. Our activities rely on patent-protected technologies (both Polish and foreign) FineCarb® and PreNitLPC®. Our scientists, who work at the Institute of Material Engineering at the Technical University of Lodz, co-created them. They are also shareholders of our company. The technologies utilised by HART-TECH are characterised by a number of advantages compared to the ones that are currently the most common in the industry. They allow to obtain better durability features of products while prices remain competitive. Moreover, our technologies are more ecological. High quality of the services that we provide, fast realisation thereof and competitive prices have built our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Our company implements a project within the frames of a pilot venture of The National Centre for Research and Development “DEMONSTRATOR + Supporting scientific research and development works in demonstration scale” titled “Multipurpose, smart modular centre for vacuum heat and surface treatment with High-Tech technologies” contract number: UOD-DEM-1-193/001.